FULAY Farmaajo freaks out when a gun salute went off while standing at attention


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Farmaajo is a human being and not a robot, people have phobias, people have fears and so on. Being brave or a warrior is not the absence of fear but continuing ur plans regardless of the fear. Please let’s not make fun of our president, let us wish the best for him, so that our next president has even an easier job :)
But he was already on edge before. Most likely has some kind of anxiety disorder OR he does a certain chewing drug that causes people to look bug eyed
I don't blame him. That was so unprofessional. Protocol in Xamar is handled by some nappy headed mooriyan kids raised in post-91 Somalia. You can't just let a gun go off like that, while the band is playing. They were supposed to announce a gun salute, and then let it go off when people were prepared for it. Letting off a loud blast while people are listening to the band in a city known for terror attacks is retarded.

The President used to work in the Somali embassy in Washington as first secretary and the Ministry of Foreign affairs before that in an administrative capacity. And hasn't been in Somalia ever since that. He completed his Master's degree in the U.S. and worked in New York. He hasn't been in Somalia during the entire civil war and returned only to bring his people back from the abyss. Him being take off guard by a sudden gunshot is somehow 'fulaynimo'? He's the most high profile individual in the entire region, it isn't farfetched that he is probably a target for many disgruntled groups that are seeing their anarchy-driven markets coming to a halt as law and order is being brought back. What better opportunity would they get than times of celebration? JKF was taken out and he was a U.S. president.


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