Fruits of Ajnabi Marriage: Halimo cries as Somali government


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

Somali government says no passport for your ajnabi child. Indians govt says nope.

Time and time we warn them but Ajnabi husbands are cruel…
Half of the Somali government have Western passports..

Anyways, if that woman had the right connects her son would have got the passport in a heartbeat.
I remember some years ago, there was a Somali lady who was married to an ugandese guy, she was complaining about him regularly beating her and constantly cheating with other women in Uganda as well :snoop: :francis:

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Somali gov is trippin

My half Yemeni cousins (dad is somali) had no problem getting their Yemeni passport but again they already had western passport.