Fishy stank *emotional*


Cadaanka iska ilaali
Say her skirt or jeans smells odd, then she'll take a smell. If she isn't an idiot, she'll know you're actually refering to her v and take the hint
I once said it a few months ago and I told her a bit and she’s said she was on her period

I don’t think a period lasts 24/7




Cadaanka iska ilaali
Jheez she must not be fun to be around can’t stand people that can’t take simple banter. you should still tell her tho:ufdup:
She’s sweet I think she’s just sensitive wallahi. I call everyone a b*tch as a joke and I just called her annoying that one time while laughing. I’ll tell her tmmr
we’re going out to eat, and I get tired. So I lie down on my friends lap just for a quick nap, but then a whiff of fish hits me and I got up so fast and I’m like nvm I’m not tired anymore. wallahi I’m debating whether i should buy her soap as a present or something
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Give your friend's some feminine hygiene products, she will thank you later. If my girl smells like a fish fillet down their, I might have to set her free into the Great Lakes.