Finland's Basic Income Experiment Has Been A Success

"But according to the scheme’s chief researcher, Olli Kangas, participants were happier and healthier than the control group. “The basic income recipients of the test group reported better wellbeing in every way (than) the comparison group,” he said."

"Economist Ohto Kanniainen said the low impact on employment was not a surprise, given that many jobless people in Finland have few skills or struggle with difficult life situations or health concerns. “With unemployed people, financial incentives don’t work quite the way some people would expect them to,” he said."

naturally sure, give money to a select few hundred whilst millions pay taxes sure i would be happy if i was given free money to travel etc

but this nonsense will not work as 100% of society cannot take ubi, if they do who will pay for it?

dont you guys have common sense and logical deductive skills?

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