FGS MP behind the new LGBT bill in Mogadishu revealed


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She looks like that other Somali woman who came out as a lesbian. What was her name? Amina?

If true, she should burn in the deepest part of hell. Instead of properly representing Somali women in parliament and pushing to pass laws that protect us, she advocates for degeneracy.

Putting women in power leads to decline, you see this in the west.
A decline in what, exactly? Hope you don't say morals because Western morals had never been stellar lol
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باسمك اللهم
Can someone please give me her name and her tribe ? Thanks
Her name is Deeqa Yaasiin Haaji. Minister of women's affairs for the FGS. She grew up in Hargeisa but hails from Dir. Her Eyd00r uncles injected such toxic poison into het mind from a very young age.


باسمك اللهم
What did they do for example?
There are varieties of wild stories from them: Their ancestor used to be a Habeshi slave in Mecca, some historians say he stole Omar Bin Khattab's shoes. He was disbarred and ejected from the Arabian peninsula, he eventually returned to Abyssinia where he met an Oromo woman. His offsprings claim Somali but deep down they ain't Somali but Abyssinians disguised as Somali, their hatred for other Somalis is evidently clear in today's Somali politics.


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