Farmajo and Khayre on course to Garoowe as FGS Information Minister resigns

Best of both Worlds

3. Pending the completion of the Federal Constitution, ratified by Puntland, and approved by popular referendum, Puntland State shall have the status of an independent state.

Key word approved by popular vote referendum!
Isn't Puntland part of Somalia? Why is it acting detached from it sometimes? Here is the answer.

Puntland State shall have the status of an independent state
Provisions for secession

4. Puntland State shall reserve the right to review the provisions in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of
this Article if:

(a) Somalis fail to agree on a federal system;

(b) The instabilities and wars in other parts of Somalia continue indefinitely
This is genius.

1.It orders Puntland to seek a united Somalia based on Federalism as a duty.

2.It says Puntland shall have status of Independent country until constitution approved by it and all Somalia in a popular vote referendum.

3. If that does not happen and Federalism is thrown out or turmoil in Somalia becomes indefinite it gives provisions to secede from the rest of Somalia.
Let's give props to the amazing Puntland hero Hon. Abdi Hassan Jimale (PhD.) State Minister for Democratization and Federal Affair

May Allah grant him eternal peace.

Also President Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed Mahmud for appointing him and his awe inspiring leadership by appointing adequate people to the right position and Statesmanship.

Many Puntlanders don't know Dr Abdi Hassan Jimcaale (Xaashaa lillahi)

I hope young Puntlanders get acquainted with him.

The services he has done to the State in regards to constitution are unparalleled.

Sadly he passed away at crucial point but his legacy still lives on.

He has a street named after him in Garoowe.

images (9).jpeg
A true PHd holder who knew his subject like none other and who profited his State and gifted his knowledge to it.

Someone who truly benefited the State with what he had learned.

Hr deserves our utmost recognition.


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