Farmaajo's sons given names raises a new controversy


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Thats cuz the 5 and some among KBLs developed different dhaqans than KBL who stayed close to original homeland whos respective leaders kept xeerka strong regularly met or called eachother to mediate among jiifoyinka hoose or discuss new influences,dhaqan or traits was nasab/gun with our xeer or culeemo iyo isimos guidelines. Yusuf n ciises history proves their character as hardcore traditionalists, the rest really don't have dhaqanka iyo calammadaha asliga beesha ilma Ismaaciil after settling among others in faraway lands.

TBH no other clan have the differences, mindset and opposite dhaqans as within daroodka:ftw9nwa:


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Farmaajo has a great family Mashallah, I hope his kids are proud of their father, he left to lead a broken nation and his legacy will indeed live on through his children :)


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Why is everyone attacking @Manafesto for doing research?

He is proving that Farmaajo is in fact qabiil oriented and motivated, all his actions point towards this fact.
Too many kumbayas hiding behind "don't bring the kids into this"

It's politics, anything goes, plus Failmaajo is a public figure.

Nobody says anything when they try to talk crap about Deni's kids or Gaas's supposed son.