Faraxs which one do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer?

  • 1.Traditional xalimo

  • 2.Modern xalimo

  • 3.Abdi-exit

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A Faraax deserves the best regardless of his status. We are the prize at the end of the day.

We’re the bread winners, we’re the providers, we’re the head of the house. All we ask in return is you cook,clean and be obedient :russsmug::ufdup:
Saxiib I don't think anyone is going to see a farax who has a whole fantasy life on the internet as a prize, riyo baad ku jurtiin.


Both. I won't compromise on religiosity. As in I'd never under any circumstance marry a Somali girl that holds liberal values. Whether you want to mask it as modernity, naag nool, etc.

I wouldn't marry from back home either because I feel like the cultural gap is too big to bridge. She just needs to be conservative in religious context.

I'm not coming back from work and rolling my sleeves up to do last night's dishes and ask her 'honey, what do you want for dinner?' I'm not doing this whole 50/50 of bills and chores thing.


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No answer is wrong. Everyone has something that’s compatible for them so it’s a win/win :it0tdo8:
Traditional Xalimo 100%, I want to be the breadwinner of the household but will still help her with cleaning the house and whatnot.