Faraxs which one do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer?

  • 1.Traditional xalimo

  • 2.Modern xalimo

  • 3.Abdi-exit

Results are only viewable after voting.
1. Traditional & religious xalimo who will stay at home take care of the kids and all the house duties
2. Contemporary xalimo who will split the bills with you. Child rearing and house duties will also be 50/50

What do you prefer and why :geek:


smooth talk on a rainy summer evening
They won’t care walal, the real answer is which one has a better kitty.


x z

±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
a trash faarax deserves a trash xalimo. an angelic faarax deserves a queen like xalimo. simples


smooth talk on a rainy summer evening
How u guys wite r same
U joined direct after shemale left
Both has the same the humour
Qali finnesed us one whole year and catfished many poor faraxs
She was gender fluid

im done :dead:
Do y’all want me to post my pic to prove I’m not qali :kanyehmm: