Farax crying after seeing Xalimo with Cadaan.


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We are living in interesting times , everyone is posting bizarre things on the internet just to gain attention.

now imagine being 50 ,60 ,70 after things change so much you go “oh shit I wish I never posted that” , now imagine your kids seeing this stuff , now imagine being in your grave and knowing how much of a fuk up you are posting shit to gain attention.

if you look at pictures from people in the past they all had serious faces , cus life ain’t a joke.

I pray Allah puts all attention seekers on social media in the deepest pits of hellfire.


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She isn’t Somali according to some peeps

In any case Somalis on Social Media continue to be a cancer
Lol, he's clearly trolling.

Just to let you weird Abdis know, when you're leaving nasty comments under a pic/vid of a Xalimo married to an ajnabi, that is how you look. I imagine you crying with dheef running whilst you write shit.

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Somalis are very strange people


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Please for the love of Allah why can’t wild Somali girls just take off their hijabs this is so embarrassing. They do everything that’s haram and yet still have the hijab on balayo dhib badan


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I'm kinda glad I grew up with cousin who were half white because my uncle's married white women who converted so this stuff doesn't bother me honestly the dude needs to cut his hair and get a job / HALIMOS are free to marry who they want and Abdis are free to marry who they want the key is marry someone who has a kind of soul