Faceye Sade Clan Oppression

I agree, OGs are a civilized and dominant tribe who are politically savvy as well and have many countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia on their finger tip.

While on the other hand we have Buuns who has to involve HuГus in our state and would sells out to them for peanuts.

Unfortunately females like @Dharbash are short sighted and don't see the political chess ahead of it's time, these weirdos were routing SNA to invade JL and dismantle Pres. Ahmed Islam, how can you lead our enemy to your hinterland and our home?:childplease: Darwish IQ at it's best.
Get back to your trucking shift
They should get two seats in both the houses. Lower house example would be 10 mps for Mareexaan Sade and 2 for Facaye Sade.
And in Jubbaland Parliament it should be 21 mps for Beesha Sade.(19 mx and 2 Facaye)
Nah Mx finna have to break their 17 seats for their Bon brothers. No extra or they can fuck off to Galnus.
Harti is one family in Waamo with a Dhulbahante Ugaas family. However, we share Waamo with Absame so of course will will stand together.

Marehan and other enemies have been pushing langaab HAG clans to fight Harti and steal Harti land. But we will not be moved from our ancestral land.

Absame is our only reliable ally in Jubbaland and they are also our closest relatives.


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