Faarax Singing About Xalimo Batty.

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Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Tuug Khaled promoted this on Twitter and everyone said he used the money he stole for the video
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Nacaala iyo waxa tahay ba waas:faysalwtf:

Our sisters ain't no strippers he could of easily got an ajnabi chick why is he making them like some sex objects they're our pride and joy he's reduced them to AA or black women that are mostly video vixens in these music videos :mjkkk:
Our? They're not yours you don't own them
Somali niggaz and their obsession with controlling women, this girl represents herself she doesn't represent your sister or Somali girls, whatever she does effects her not you, stop saying 'our' you control freaks.
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