Faarax enjoying his Swedish bride


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Dude I can't see tiktoks on my phone in topics for some reason drop their @
One poor Farax in Mogadishu is tired of gold diggin women :wow:

One thing I noticed about xalimos with their ajnabi husband is that they can't entertain her, so she she had to upload anything somali :mjcry:


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Is there any precise reason(s) why you get bad vibes from seeing interracial couples?

I don't know.

Sort of like how one can get bad vibes from a dull globalized urban area with McDonalds and other global corporates all over the place vs the cozy feeling of a picturesque old town with lots of tradition and history.

Pwyneth Galtrow

Nah not really. If anything, the ones who immigrated to Europe/West are more inclined to prefer Somali Women.

Of course, I'm not talking about all.

But it's clear that Somalis are becoming more and more self-hating. Look at how bleaching is spreading back home, it's an epidemic. They also love lightening their skin using filters, so just imagine these people when exposed to Cadaans. SMH

Pwyneth Galtrow

The few who get with them brag about it on social media.

That's the thing.

Somali guys who are raised in the West have more self-respect and they don't hold foreign women on a pedestal at all. It's seen as ceeb to idolise Cadaans, but these FOBS act like they won a prize.