EXCLUSIVE: Geeljire in Edmonton got kicked out of a shisha last place, shoots it up, kills 1 (video)

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LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Imagine dying in a shiisha place


Let me take a moment to imagine that
Been telling @sophisticate to move from that shithole graveyard place of Somalis, but to no avail. Wey sixrantahay.

Waryaa @R.Kelly there were no gunshots, what’s with you and the fake news? Nothing worthy to report from the capital of the Third World, London?
:nahgirl: Wait. My heart still belongs to them.

@Cauli is my hook up to Reer UK. He has me considering younger Adalites from across the pond.

:bell: They need me over there to bring civilization and restore hope in Xalimos.


Is this @Cauli guy trustworthy? I hope he doesn’t sell you to a Jamaican or Libyan gang. I thought reer Awdal were the most civilised Somalilanders, did the reer Awdal intermarriages with the Oromos diluted it? Wish you well with your endeavours, you’re a genuine mujahidad.
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