Every Cadaan's Nightmare...

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People are just walking past lol, I think people are just fed up soon Europe will collapse that's what the higher ups want, drown the west with migrants who have a completely different culture to them and let conflict begin and like a house of cards it will soon collapse. Simple really instead of war just wipe out Europeans by mass migration end nationalism and create a world full of mixed children. With no identity

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi says the EU should pay Libya at least 5bn euros (£4bn; $6.3bn) a year to stop illegal African immigration and avoid a "black Europe".

"Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and even black, as there are millions who want to come in," said Col Gaddafi, quoted by the AFP news agency"

Kneegrows are coming !
Notice how the whites are running for dear life :russ::pachah1:

This reminds me reading about how Andalusia fell after 800 years, the males got involved into artistry, music and ish womenish discourse that resulted in a drastic generational decline through the mass effeminization of the males taking the Europeans a single day to defeat them all.

No nukes or arms are going to help you when these African's become your neighbours, the greatest cuckhold in history will happen, a single fearless African male hardened by conflict and poverty will control a 1000 emasculated white males and their women with absolute ease.


It's all so tiresome
What's the end goal really?

Doubt it's guilt from colonizing the world.

Progressives might be ok with all of it ATM but when whites take up less than 60% of the population and 95% of the burden I'm sure they'll change their mind.

Easily could see a future scenario of the elite using the poor minorities to keep everyone else in line in a post automation dystopia.

Government have a duty to protect its citizens from foreign threats but no one said anything about protecting you from your neighbours.
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