1. A

    How did you parents arrive in the western world?

    My parents were in Mogadishu when the war happened and had to pretend to be from another tribe which the militia found hard to believe as they were extremely light(mooryans words not mine). My family eventually ended up in a Kenyan refugee camp in Nairobi, my parents had enough cash for a...
  2. Lancer

    Somali youth in Libya refuse to go back. Say there's nothing for them in Somalia!

  3. warculus

    Strongly discourage your family from doing tahriib

    A relative of mine went to do tahriib even though everyone of my wider family strongly discouraged him from doing it. Guess what? As soon as he gets to libya we dont hear from him for a few days.. Then boom; ransom of 5k pay that off then he gets caught again, ransom for 3k Gets caught again and...
  4. Prince Abubu

    Every Cadaan's Nightmare...

    Blacks literally invading their land. :drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah: