Even the cadaan are starting to admit that ancient Egyptian origins are in Somalia.

I don’t think Somalis were ancient Egyptians. We were Macrobians,Puntites and Avalites
Yes. That’s why i said related. I think once upon a time people like us populated North Africa and South east Africa until the Bantu expansion (south east) and Greek, Roman, Persian and finally Arab expansion (North Africa) . We’re one of the few remaining groups left of that mostly dead race :fittytousand:
Fu*k fircaun, but learn your language, culture and dances or else this rich tradition of ours will die out!

Ancient egyptians are only distantly related to ithter north africana and horners but they wete not somali. Nubian cushites were more closely related to somalis and other horners


Striking my Australinimo
From 1 to 10, how big are your balls to say that directly to their face and not behind the computer screen?


It's all so tiresome
This just shows how much we fell off 😂

We haven't recovered for thousands of years.

Just when we started to rise again in the last century we fell into chaos after a couple of decades.

Wonder how long this new dark age will last.


why is it allways egypt what about nubia Carthage etc they had some of the most fantastic interesting civilizations worth looking into
People say WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHIT to shame Africans from claiming African history. Egypt wasn’t built by stinking midget arabs smh the way y’all fall for this propaganda
Please what do you know about egyptians and their ethnogenesis ? You probably grew up in the West that's why you talk like that