Erdogan recites holy Quran at Hagia Sophia first Friday prayers in 86 years


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I forgot that many Somalis think of this man as their aabo. I apologize for any offence :whoa:
Just because you are a lander doesnt mean you need to insult everyone you can brag about Sisi let him recite quraan and listen to his tajwid.


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His tajweed isn't so bad for a Turk, tbh. Especially for an almost 70-year old dude who's probably was/is a heavy smoker.

Masha-Allah. Does Turkey have loudspeaker adhaans/salaats for the daily prayers?


باسمك اللهم
For those who are questioning his Tajweed: You are wrong, his tajweed is absolutely magnificent. He didn't butcher any word and his pronunciation is almost perfect. His voice is excellent for 66 years old.

I may not agree with his HAG favouritism policy but his recitation of the Quran is beautiful.

This is another clip of him reciting the last 20 verses of Surah Aal Imran.