1. Invader

    Say No To Turkey

    I am absolutley disgusted what Erdogan has done. He portrayed himself as the defender of Islam yet not defending his ummah especially of them being Uighurs of Turkic origin. He bought back Haiga Sophia as a mosque yet deporting his brothers to make a few bucks. The end times are near as the...
  2. angelplan

    Erdogan recites holy Quran at Hagia Sophia first Friday prayers in 86 years

  3. Merchant of Mogadishu

    First thread in the World Politics section

    Sultan (Erdoğan) Han, Sovereign of The Sublime House of Osman, Sultan es Selatin (Sultan of Sultans), Khakhan (Khan of the Khans), Commander of the faithful and Successor of the Prophet of the lord of the Universe, Custodian of the Holy Cities of Mecca, Medina and Kouds (Jerusalem), Kayser-i Rum...
  4. DRACO

    Emergency UNSC on Turkey attacking Syria

    Turkish forces push into Syria as France calls for emergency UN meeting Read: Down down Erdogan!
  5. Khalumi

    Erdogan visits Sudan, aims to increase trade volume to $10 bn

    Turkey and Sudan have agreed to establish a strategic cooperation council and to increase trade tries, sealing a "historic" visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Khartoum. Erdogan's arrived in the Sudanese capital on Sunday as part of a three-day trip that also includes stops in...