Egyptian guy says many Somalis have their lineage back to Quraysh

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He is right Abu Talib ibn Abd al-Muttalib Bin Hashim Bin Qusaya.Radi Allahu 'anhu . He basically founded us
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He’s right, most of the Arabs now don’t look like how they looked at the time of the prophet so most people assume to be an Arab you have to basically resemble a modern day Arab.


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Somali foreign influences;

Traders from Yemen, South-East Asia who stayed in Somalia and founded clans such as Ogayslabe (Indian/Warsangeli). Arab Salah (Somalised Meheri). Barawaani (Portuguese/Bantu perhaps). Shanshi etc....

Unless your family intermarried with these people, the likelihood of you being mixed is minimal!! You are most likely 100% Cushitic.

Look at the Cushites in East Africa such as the Borana/Afar/Rendille etc, they look JUST like Somalis only with slightly kinkier hair.

I am not talking about ancient heritage from neolithic times such as Natufian.

That's tooooo far back to count. We are our own race; SOMALI.
Funny thing is your grandfather thought that too is he also from reero L

I inherited my grandfather's beliefs via my dad. His Nick was Geelle, in Arabic "saxibul ibil" and he was proud nomad.

Now, no offense to Arab ethnics, but me and my society are the nobility of native Africans who introduced the camels to the Arabs. We are our own ethnic groupg separate . Our language is older than Arabic saxib. Hebrew, Arabic, and Somali are called afro_asiatic languages and are grouped as having common origin.

When a Somali person's history is older than many ethnic groups on Earth today, it is taking Ls to settle for less.

Greetings to Arabs from an older African native brother, we have common nomadic culture that we introduced to you, but make no mistake of us being Arabs.
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