East african thread gets Bantus heated

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smooth somaliland propaganda :samwelcome:



With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
They hate us using Team East Africa but watch as Somalia and Ethiopia continue to develop and push on, They'll start crying Team East Africa/Team Africa but by then we'll be saying, Team Horn Africa:manny:
Lol true, I don't blame them. I feel bad for the South Eastern countries tbh; they're always getting left out.
Either show Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania some love too-- or just call it the Horn + Sudan Appreciation.
They will make East Africans look bad.
Yes, because having silky/curly hair and fine features are more to be proud of...than good infrastructure and a rising economy. :bell:

Let's get our bread up first, before throwing shots, sxb:icon lol:


If we cant fix Somalia we will just colonize the world, we are close in Minnesota already


Stop acting like somalis dont pop shit on twitter also:mjlol:
pop shit kulaha :drakewtf:

and we dont, its mostly half breed weirdos with no somali friends that cant even speak somali that do that
its true :francis:
most people on dont even know af soomali and haven't been back home :hova:

bet on everything they belittle somali people with their colleagues like

''But abdi aren't you Somali''
''N-n-no I am a-A S-sOM-a-lILANDER''
''But thats the same thing, Abdi, did you lie again?''


5 hours later

''Abdi did you do your job?''



Is this y'all?
Not open for further replies.