Dr Osman - Sends Somaliland/Galmudug To Hell

I have had enough of Isaaq and HG and went full out to show them what I think of them. I urge HG/ISAAQ do not listen, as it could lead to a 'mental break down'. But other clans please do listen as you may learn about them deeply.

Hawiye n Isaaq are the weakest debaters on here. Whenever a Puntites fires shots, u will never see these guys anywhere to respond. All they do is open another thread about PL but never respond to the 'shots fired' lol.

Where-as everytime they open a thread on PL, u see an army of puntites rush in and respond. So this shows you something, our points are never answered by them yet when they make a point against us, we fire back and fight not open up a thread and go into a 'rant' about 'something else'.

GM and SL come at me, if u respond to what I say, I will never raise that point and apologize publically but as usual u won't cause why?

In summary my points are. PL is Superior to SL in democracy. My argument is based on the following observations.

1. PL holds elections on time and on schedule consistently without any extension of both parliament/presidency/speaker

2. PL has various idealogies co-existing with the same rights to congregate on TV or public such as secessionist/federalist/centralist or ssdf/islamist/secularist. U can see this observation how power transfers from SSDF to Secularist to Islamist without any instability

3. PL has freedom of speech and freedom of media far more superior.

4. PL powersharing is far more representative of the state with 45% MJ, 40% dhulos/warsan, 15% awrtable/dashishe/arab salax/leelkase.

In SL you lack the following

1. Freedom of idealogy restricted and policed by the state. All leaders are snm at all times not other sections of society. Unionist are censored or jailed. U don't see Islamist/Secularist/Civil society allowed to run the state.

2. SL powersharing is 80% Isaaq 20% others yet the land shows Isaaq is 40% at most while 30% is Harti and 20% Awdal.

3. Presidential elections are never held on time showing an absence of rule of law and the president being stronger. Parliament hasn't been elected for 15 years.

4. Media freedom and free speech is absent as the SNM polices what is distributed or said by all people.

So how can u Isaaq argue just cause u hold presidential elections thru voting but ignore all the areas of democracy PL defeats you in? you can't tell your peoples lies constantly like this and start presenting the real views.

As for GM can u argue the following point

1. GM was in the dark ages when Abdillahi Yusuf created it in 2006?

2. Abdillahi Yusuf founded GM as buffer state against ICU from encroaching onto PL and opening a 'northern front war'. U were told to serve as a 'buffer' to this while PL focused on Mogadishu. This is undeniable

3. All your leaders are selected by mogadishu following in Abdillahi vision of 'controlling' your state. HSM named Guleed, Farmajo named QoorQoor

Finally my last point to all u guys is. It's better having a vice president role from a 'strong state' then being a president of 'nonexistent or weak state' like HS/GM. The vice president voice of PL is far superior to the voice of any leader in GM/HS because he represents a stronger state. It's not the position that makes u powerful but the 'state' it represents. Now sleep on that you bubble lipped niggas