Do you think a man and woman can be just friends


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Yeah, I agree with your assessment. If there's attraction, it'll eventually end up being a part of the relationship.

I'm friends with both men and women, but my real homies are all guys. Got no hate for women, but I have an easier time with my bros.


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No, even if both of them have no physical attraction towards each other the guy will eventually be horny and start to find her attractive after spending a lot of time together. How do you think there are 7billion people on the planet??





Not possible.

Why you think some niggas do incest shit.

Do you think so and so just woke up one day and said ima pipe my cousin? nope. He befriended that chick until he was kacsi for no reason and she let him smash,
Friends to certain degree. I dont think they can be like best friends like how 2 guys or 2 girls can basically be like family. But they can be friendly and get along.


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Every woman who’s a friend of yours is considering having sex with you one day unless there’s absolutely no attraction. I fucked 2 of my Mexican friends.


Nope. Absolutely not. In my case, for example, all of the female friends that I've had in my life, I had an attraction to them, when we first met. Some, I was able to have relations with, while others - not so much. With them, I settled with the next best thing: friendship. And even that wasn't true friendship. It was just a way for me to bide my time, and hope there would be an opening, for me to come in and finally have the proverbial malab.

Because I'm a straight man, I'd wager any other man in a 'friendship', with women, is also of the same mindset as myself. Unless he's a battyboy.