Do you smoke?

Is it just me or do Somalis raised here have an exceptionally low smoking rate? My brothers are all smokers, but they're also the only Somalis I know that smoke. I have been a 'social' smoker, but I've cut that out years ago before it turned into a problem.

I feel like the white women age quick trope is exaggerated and also mainly caused by lifestyle choices, I.e alcohol and cigarettes. Black women, particularly African women smoke and drink and a drastically lower rate than counterpart. Seeing an African/Somali girl smoke would actually surprise me, but I would actively expect it from a white woman in the same socio-economic environment.


Cadaanka iska ilaali
nah i never smoked i'm not that type. but i've seen many somali niggas smoke but rarely the girls. hell, i haven't ever held a juul, cigarette, or hooka i just realized that :kanyehmm:


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