Do you eat with your hands?


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Only when at my aunties houses, they're old school. Rest of the time no.


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It depends on what kind of food I'm eating , pizza ,sandwiches, burgers I use my hands lol , but for bariis , baasto , soup ,cereal and similar food i use fork or a spoon.
when i am in the house, i eat with my hands except some foods that isn't good to eat with hand and i don't eat with my hands when i am outside.
At home? 99% hands. Maybe sometimes with a fork and knife if the food is too hot like a fresh omelet. Outside? Utensils all the way, saxiib. Gotta appear civilized to the reer magaal in my midst.


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Many parents don’t realise that by not instilling table manners in their kids at home, their children will be embarrassed in public settings.

I grew up with ajnabi (mainly cadaan) and realised they will judge someone their own best friend differently if they don’t have proper table manners.

That’s a harsh world for school children.


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Who cares what they think, follow the sunnah its much important.

I follow the sunnah but I can also have proper table manners.

It’s better to learn table manners as a child because eating with your hands is rather self-intuitive.

Doing it the other way around just embarrasses kids in public settings.