Do you believe that there is a foreign elite trying to halt the prosperity of Somalia?

Do you believe it?

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It's all so tiresome
It's 90% due to our own incompetence but tiny shit hole villages like Qatar and the Emirates are blatantly attempting to place their own puppets in our governments.

Let's also not forget that the majority of rebel groups in the civil war were hosted and funded by Ethiopia.

Other than that; the west doesn't give too shit's about us but they would prefer a Somalia without a head instead of one with another Kacaan government... i.e. regional shit stirrer.
Explain why you do or don’t believe so
It shouldn't be a question of "believe" but rather a question of evidence, if we don't have the evidence to back it up than all we're doing is just speculating.

Somalia is in a mess and I don't blame somalia's enemies of taking advantage of the chaos somalia in waa human nature. I'm sure if somalia was in a great condition and Kenya or Ethiopia were in chaos than we would most certainly take advantage of the hell they are in and look out for our own interests.


Ted Kaczynski respecter
Oh yeah I forgot, I blame foreigners for breaking up the ICU which was Somalia’s greatest hope and achievement.


Guul Ama Geeri
The only foreign elite hindering the prosperity of Somalia is the diaspora. Instead of studying and contributing to their motherland they choose to deal drugs and become thots
The little stimulated economy built on the revenues of remmitance sent by the diaspora is the lifeline wich somali survies on, dont belittle the diaspora we have contrabuted immensely