Do you agree with habayar ?

Then you have to know your place and treat him like a king. We as the Noble Faraxs have no problem being the provider but we have zero tolerance to Halimos who lack obedience :ufdup:
I don't mind being submissive and following his lead if he's leading somewhere good.


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She is 100 percent correct. Boqolki boqol! What the hell am I doing with a guy that can't even pay for dinner? Gabdho, raise your standards!

Also, don't ever accept bullshit like coffee dates, car dates, walking dates. Make these men earn access to you. War ya ilahey yaqaan! Is qiimey.
is car date a thing it sounds lame

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I hope you've learned and know better. You deserve the best. My suggestion is to not notice the bill when it arrives. Sheekada iska sii waad. :hillarybiz:
Chicks set themselves up when they ask ; "how much is it ?" Or say its expensive. His response would be to share the payment. I'd order extra dessert if he complains about the bill just because.
Depends on who asks who out. Couples should make each other feel special from time to time. Sometimes he pays, sometimes she should. In today's world more women are entering the workplace and are getting educated. The idea that the man should pay for everything is no longer applicable, if women are now also bread winners then they should also cover the costs from time to time it depends on the relationship of course.

I actually like independent women. I like people who are capable and smart and are good with money


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If the man asks you to split the check. Hes knows he not gonna get laid tonight, he read your whole vibe. If he stands up pays his portion of the meal and leaves without informing you, you fucked up. Idk what you did, but you fucked up. If he stays put, cracks some jokes, orders yall desert and pays for the whole the date. He tryna get laid that night and he thinks he has a chance:umad::sass2: