Do we have a natural ally?

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I swear i watched a documentary about the self hate epidemic in the habesha diaspora.
Honestly sad, most of them try assimilating into black culture or try become off brand whites to distance themselves from ethiopia

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i’ll be honest, i don’t want no oromo around me. also why aren’t somalis aware of the existential threat oromo poses against us? both in the west and Somalia? somalis will go extinct in the next generation & no one seems to care.

Why are you so anti oromo ?


Wow......I'm just astonished at the amount of crying and victimhood on display on just the first page alone, never mind the rest of the 16 pages on this shameful thread.

Have some bloody dignity. Embarrassing.
facism ("deport madowweyne") and hatred and inferiority complex and absolute shuban all in one thread. :faysalwtf:

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No bro, im only curious why alot of somalis got heavy anti towards them. I think its blown out of porpotion
I see. I understand your concerns but i'd say that's a natural reaction between neighbours after all there is a long standing history and disputes between us. I'm sure no one would talk about oromos if they say lived in mozambique, literally nobody here talk about mozambique here on this forum.
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somali politicians absolutely failed somalia & it’s citizens, they are the reason why Somalia is the way it is, i just mentioned an existential threat that most people aren’t aware of. we’d be incredibly stupid not to take these issues seriously.
Sometimes i dream of getting an army to take these politicians to god


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