Do any of you go therapy?


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Yes i do. I am not ashamed of it. I won't recommend it though if u r not ready to be introduced to yourself. You may suffer panic attacks before you get well acquainted with yourself. Its liberating. I have out grown my therapist tho. i want a more smarter and more methodic therapist now.
The avg turtle neck wearing cadaan shrink is going to try and convince you that you have an Oedipus complex, an oral fixation and want to f*ck your own mother if you display the slighest bit of "anti-social" behaviour. I.E, not behaving like a passive, cockless, soy drinking tech worker :chrisfreshhah:
The only form of therapy I've seen work first hand is Cognative behavioural therapy.

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I did 2 sessions in my third year.
Therapist gave me CBT workbook and was to check on my progress every other week. Got busy and never followed up but I gotta agree, it is good stuff. Do it if you are ready to put in the work 🙃
I was to a group therapy today, it felt like the soul was cleansed after you've talked about whatever you want. It's the most peaceful moment you can have. The rest of the day is just bliss.