Djibouti should be "well off" but it is in poverty.


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Always blaming everything on external factors.

The truth is that there are plenty of fat dictators out there but their people are doing much better than Djiboutis.

They have a direct rail line to one of the biggest population centres in Africa, a modern port, plenty of revenue coming in from expats and foreign soldiers.

They have so many pluses but still seem to be struggling.

Either the government is preventing the creation of any business or no one is building shit in Djibouti.
There are buildings they’re building apartments with Kuwaitis.
There are not many employment opportunities. One way to tackle poverty in a place with no natural resources is education but education is dangerous for a dictator.


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Let Them Eat Cake
Djibouti should currently be the only successful country that is majorly inhabited by Somalis but it is not. There is no threat of war, or bombings, politically it seems stable so WHY THE HELL is 79% of Djibouti in POVERTY?

I am puzzled. What is going on there?

its because the small elite who control exist instead of invest. Most of the civilians are uneducated. The people of Djibouti are black french. They are not productive, They want fine life but don't want to work for it,.


Ghetto King of Sverige
Arab exports primarily Yemeni and products made in Djibouti/Somalia/Somaliland/Ethiopia/South Africa/Kenya are really cheap.


Are you from Djibouti?
Why do you care , you're not even a Djiboutian citizen , reer Mogadishu you are beneath the poverty line , yet bark at the wrong tree,
shaqo yeesha ,help out the homeless streetkids addicted to sniffing glue and jet fuel, why are you not holding Amisom soldiers accountable for thousands of attrocities committed against Somali civilians, dedicate that energy and direct it towards the prostitute government officials, they are spineless pigs , clean up the trash in Xalane.

Clean up the mess at your home

that's all I gotta say