divorcing when wife gets career, good idea?? (only muslim men come in)

Sxb we live in the west, I want my spouse to have a career. Providing for our family isn't solely my job and raising kids isn't hers. In order to thrive nowadays, you need a 2 income household. Unless one of you earns 6 figures. Women who stay home raising children are usually miserable. I dont think you'd want to deal with an angry woman every night you come back from work.

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@DRACO why you bringing this shit back?
We split chores and raise the kids together. A lot of these somali men barely know their kids because they've been solely raised by their mother's. That's why you have ao many young men on the streets in cities like toronto. I've witnessed first-hand the burden of raising kids and doing all the chores alone 24/7. Women born a raised in the west arn't built for that anyways, they'd snap after 2 years.
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Yo this site might've changed me for the worse... I used to be descent



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