Discussion: Why do UK madows hate Somalis ?

Sounds like Jamos are suffering from post traumatic slavery disorder.

Jamos used to think they were the lightskinned house negro (the white mans negro) when they arrived in the UK and tried to shame other africans when they arrived.

Jamos seem to project when calling Somalis arab slave babies. The reason is because they have been raped by the white man for centuries even as early as 50 years ago. Bob Marley for example, he was a rape baby.
West Africans have this condescending attitude towards other Africans.

When they arrived they were are also insecure how black they look ( many anti black insults by Jamos). They are the poster child of when people think of black Africa from the features, hair, accent, skin tone. Which resulted in embarrassment and projections towards Somalis (this was before africa was popular).

They really worked hard to shame Somalis about civil war, starvation, Islamphobia, west Africans being β€œlighter skinned” than Somalis (which is a damn lie).