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Different types of diaspora xalimos

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
In direct response to @Muji thread...
This is a shitpost don’t kill me kkkkk

American Xalimos

what they may seem to lack in religion, they more than make up for it in education
these girls often are the men in their household kkkk, nearly all go to Uni but mostly end up as housewives..odd trend is there are a lot less Somali guys than girls so keep an eye on what will happen soon
Careerpaths: housewives, Men :)lolbron:) preschool teachers anything in the arts and uber/lyft

Canadian xalimos

Probably the rowdier and more alpha of this group of xalimos, they know what they want don’t mince words. These girls may not exactly be wife material, they are funny regardless and bad ass as well.
Most go to uni too
Professional Henny Chugger, MUA, Administrator, nurse

Australian Xalimos

Prettiest and most traditional in this bunch, once you get past the weird accent there’s a lot to like about Australian Somali girls. Very traditional and cultured compared to us further west....
All positives here. BIG TIME WIFE MATERIAL!
Career paths: doctors nurses housewives businesswoman

UK xalimos

I’ve met a couple very lovely UK Somali girls on sspot . In terms of looks they are second only to reer australia. Tend to speak better Somali than Canadians/Americans. I’ve seen many stories of them with Ajnabi and I’m not particularly interested in learning tyrone had what I’m having for free so it’s a no go for me... all love though they seem great
Career paths: MUA, MUA, MUA

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
Using the word xalimo or farax to describe the females and men of our ethnicity is demeaning.
You know what sxb, you are right
However it is the only way to describe them as a group as opposed to typing Somali man or Somali woman
It’s just faster

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
But I agree, Australian xalimos are the best outta the bunch
Facts they are all around 10s
If I honestly had to rank em it would be:
1) Australian Xalimos
2) American Xalimos
3) Canadian Xalimos
4) British Xalimos

3 and 4 vary depending on how took the latest L :lolbron:


King of NSFW
Who lives in Australia :what1:

And how come the only fat shordy is the canadian one nigga u couldnt just put amaal nux for us:what1: