1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    The T8rkish N3gro Biscuit

    Just to give a glimpse of certain thing going on to my fellow Somalis! ''Nationalism is learning to (politically) hate every foreigner'' - Chiechou A T8rkish company has changed the name of its so popular biscuit from Negro to Nero after a backlash from outside of T8rkey. I'm eating it now as...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Different types of diaspora xalimos

    In direct response to @Muji thread... This is a shitpost don’t kill me kkkkk American Xalimos what they may seem to lack in religion, they more than make up for it in education these girls often are the men in their household kkkk, nearly all go to Uni but mostly end up as housewives..odd...
  3. NAAFO

    waalalayaalo wax naahniin the future is here and its disturbing

    Hi guys/girls In the globalised hyper connected world that has provided the information super high way (internet) and resulted in instant information readily available at the beckoning of your finger tips that has also facilitated the arrival of social media and the sharing of various types of...
  4. JalleShibis

    Weekly /Sol/ thread #1

    post info graphics, based information and any general red pills you may have. i have a over 4 tb of red-pilled info. movies, books, studies all the good shit. remember leave some take some. also got a personal problem/mental illness? post it here and receive based tips. starting the tread out...