Dhismaha cusub kismaayo


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Is that two buildings?! Why is that even a news?!!
Is that two buildings?! Why is that even a news?!!
You are judging them on Puntland standards you need to lower it to The south standards.
For us buldings are the norm, but for them it's something diffrent then the inflammable huts they see everyday
Anyway, why isn't there a development tag for Jubaland:farmajoyaab:
Can one of the Mods fix this, really want to follow with the development of all the states in Somalia:samwelcome:
Haye marka kismaayo mar dambe ha so hadal qadiin. My dads from kismaayo. I havent been there. Inshallah im going in December.
Me and u both. Kismaayo are of limits.
lol why are you going there marka?

the difference is All of lower juba aside from jamaame is ogaden majority.

kismaayo. Jigjiga iyo Garrissa is the same to me.:manny:

My dad is from Awaare, but I am ogaden citizen meel walba cidaa laga helo, idc for subclans.