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Definition of a real MAN?


Wallahi this girls is tapped. Any guy that takes advise from her has no chance with women. Fucking nutjob:draketf:

Radical Canjeerorism

Enticingly inscribed with fiery finesse.
I see. How are you finding it? I can consider being a vegetarian but going vegan? You’ve practically given up cake :noneck:
It helps that I never liked meat in the first place, don't like cake either, I hate sugary stuff
sis I don’t believe him I just want to see how far he takes this lie.
There are gay and atheist faraxs walking around and a vegan one is who you find hard to believe?
A real nigga doesn’t give a shit about these kinds of threads and a real nigga also doesn’t listen to stereotypes


@Basra is somewhat right about women loving strong men aside from the crazy stuff she said like being sexist and degrading which I don't agree with.

But yeah, women like a man who makes decisions, who is ambitious, who acts like a leader, who puts her in her place for acting up and being good in the bedroom. They like a man who is tall and alpha male so she can feel like a cute puppy next to him and feel protected. They like a man that demands sex and feel like he's entitled and owns her body. It spikes her hormone levels and they like a man who is a little cocky and thinks he's too good. They also like a man that is kind and can maintain her needs. That's when they do everything for him like cooking him for dinner and making sure his house is sparkling clean after he returns from work.

How do I know this? I have a wife, lol.

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