Dahir Calasoow is sick at laughing at Guriceel dead

Captured by Sacad troops in Galkayo after they tried to flee to Puntland

500+ Ceyr died today. Both sides are brothers and from the Ceyr clan. Got to say that Ceyr are a bit low IQ. How can brother kill another brother/ In your own village. Why would some Ceyr allow Sufa org to set up base in Guriceel. Low IQ. Today I captured 3 Ceyr leaders in Galkayo trying to escape to Puntland, the humiliation.

I wished for peace and to avoid the war in Guriceel. But the Sufa thugs would not get it. Galmudug is tribal. Sheikh Shaakir can never represent Sacad or Saleebaan. He would only represent beesha Ceyr at best. So what was all this fighting for. I think Ooor Qoor did the right thing.

Dhair Calasow hasn't sent help to Sufa thugs, Dir have not sent help. Puntland have not sent help. Sacad and Saleebaan never got involved but supported Qoor Qoor.

If Sheikh Shakiir is smart he should hand over his last weapons to beesha Ceyr, at-least the weapons will be in Ceyr hands. He should call on Ceyr elders for a meeting. And he can go with some dignity. But 500+ Ceyr died today and Guriceel is destroyed, its people displaced.

Sacad will never fight each other. Despite us splitting into 15 subclans. Some of us are Sufi and others are Salafi but we all get along and we love one another. We have tribal councils and always solve our problems via dialogue.

Ceyr need to be tribal like Sacad and Saleebaan. Otherwise keep kiling each other over Yusuf Direed and uneducated fools like Shakiir and Macaliin Mahmhoud.
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