crime pays breaks a somali girls heart


Caafimaad baby
It’s precisely because of ‘ceeb’ culture these sorta stories gain traction. If ppl minded their own damn business it wouldn’t matter what some girl half way across the world was getting up to.
Sometimes I wonder,are somalis really Muslim?We are not allowed to reveal people's sins but the moment a Somali guy or girl does something questionable,their sins are shared throughout all the platforms.Even ayeeyos(through their whatsapp groupchats)find out about stuff like this:kanyehmm:


Caafimaad baby
Wallah i miss sophisticate. Even though I wasn’t as dynamic. I only joined in July. I hope she will come back.
Me and you joined this place about the same time if I recall:cosbyhmm:

I used to be the ambassador of the new comers.
Ohh the good days
These the same chicks that be wanting 50k meher in this day and age. Simps need to wise up. If you play the game right you can have them buying you anything for free, then kick them out.

Helen of troy ass *****es.

who was that girl in grindtv’s snap story loool the one asking for 100k+ meher???
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abti why are you getting angry? man asked you a simple question tf chill out, i just saw you and that guy saying she was a **** and she gave it up that’s all ??
Sorry sxb. You mistook my words for aggression. I literally don't know but the other guy might.