crazy BLM s

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how do i use this

sjw, not even once :vqbuyv0:


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She got some legit rage in her:damedamn:
Her poor hooyo and aabey that had to see this on the news.:mjlol:


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How does a person wake up in the morning every day and consciously decide to be this obnoxious?

Seriously. No, seriously, I'm honestly asking this question. It isn't rhetorical.

Think about it; this girl got up that day, and made the decision (while thinking she was right) to go and yell at the police at some point.
Then, when a news crew showed up, she decided "Hey, I'm gonna go and scream at this random news reporter on live TV. #LIVINGTHATBLACKLIFE"

What both enrages and saddens me the most is the thought that she's going to see all the backlash she gets for this stunt and will brush it off, calling everyone her "haters" and that they just don't want to see her shine fighting for equality.

They overdo it. Kind of like when gay guys act more girly than the real females.
What have they done to her or her family or people?
If anything, they brought her or her family as refugees allowing them a better life.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Most Xalimos in the west are no different than the hair hatted hooligans there's no difference in their behaviour nowadays atleast in the diaspora community
Who wants to bet that she's majoring women & gender studies at a third-rate college :pachah1:
I'll give the hijabi girl the benefit of the doubt and say she probably didn't know what she was getting herself into :axvmm9o:
You can't reason with fools. I find it hilarious that they can't separate the police and white people. Almost as if reducing all white people into the popo.:mjlol:. I like black people but these fools gotta go.
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