coup d'état attempt in amhara regional state


It's all so tiresome
No too dangerous of a game as we want that arms embargo removed
Like the international community would just hand it to us if we act like good kids?

We need leverage to force them to remove the embargo. That's the only language that exist in diplomacy.
Langaabniimo is what keeps the 30 million Amxaars united since there are no clans to divide them.

They have plenty of clout in the military as well as friendly relations with foreign powers. Most their elite diaspora live in the heart of US politics; Washington DC.

These guys are known for selling out to foreign powers to get whatever they need.
Ofcourse but very easy to send folks to akiro these days if they act wild no matter who they suck off for help like that doqon selasi maryan did
Like the international community would just hand it to us if we act like good kids?

We need leverage to force them to remove the embargo. That's the only language that exist in diplomacy.
So shame the united nothingz to do so or tell them to f*ck which is not bad


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Maybe this the chance will let Somalis come around like we used to be from hundred years. Amaxara will give us chance to finish this once for all . If not on Kacaan era 77 maybe on this era. Let them attack Ogadenia then they will know that USSR is not here to help them this time. Addis will be our last stop.
this would be currently bad for us as a war in Ethiopia would be catastrophic and their huge population of 100 million while we have 15 million scares me due to the wave of refugees that may pour into our borders smh, it might have fatal consequences for us if they go all out intact they may even outnumber us easily with just their refugees alone smh
It will be great imagine the destruction that will take place Amxara vs Oromo land dispute, Somali-Oromo land dispute, Somali-Afar, Afar-Tigray, Tigray-Amxara, so on and so forth
Question is who should we support if we had any influence?

Amxaars are expansionist and probably a bigger threat to Somalis but we've been fighting the TPLF for the past couple decades.

Whoever wins will attempt to lockdown power and limit the autonomy of all the regions. I.e. we'd be stuck with another Addis puppet for another decade or so.
Amxaars are the biggest threat ideologically since they want to dismantle ethnic federalism but military they pose no threat to us since we don't border them, the well equipped Tigray can easily sack their region to the ground if they wanted to. Oromos outnumber them and are currently in control of the military. These people are arrogant and view themselves as bigger than they are. They want a derg like unitary system to replace the current system. Such a change will lead to war.

Maybe Oromos are trying to consolidate power. At any rate this Oromo vs Amxara with Tigray waiting in the wings.

Popcorn and movie time for us:icon e biggrin:


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Abiy has made it clear who was behind this coup, his words as followed "Groups who advocate old ideas from 40 years ago"

This coup attempt was orchestrated by radical Amhara terrorists, primarily from the group known as Ginbot 7 and other Derg loyalists who yearn for the dismantling of the current ethnic federal system. A centralized Ethiopia ensures there survival as they are swarmed by enemies on every side, they have no allies and internally there are divisions, the Agew tribe within the Amhara region want to seperate and create their own maamul.

The chief of staff killed was neutral and not supportive of their extreme ideals which was why he was killed, the regional president was a target for being too close to the Oromo administration. They are not only Anti Tigray but Anti Oromo as well. How they can take on both regions remains to be seen.

I welcome the prospects of war in Ethiopia
Amhara are the Alpha Big Dog of Ethiopia, they will find a way.