Coup attempt in Amxaaro region. Gunfire in Addis. Multiple assassinations. Chaos. Summary thread.


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Summary at the bottom.

  • The president of Amxaaro region has been has been assassinated in Bahir Dar
  • Federal military chief has been assassinated in his own home
  • National intelligence chief is under house arrest in Addis Ababa
  • Multiple generals loyal to Abiy have been shot dead
  • Gunfire in Addis Ababa
  • Internet has been shutdown in all of Ethiopia
  • Abiy is dressed like Farmajo in Ugandishu and hiding like Erdogan during Turkey's coup attempt:pachah1:
  • Ethiopian government claims that the situation is under control
  • All of this comes exactly 1 year after an assassination attempt on Abiy


It's all so tiresome
But skeptic though. Abiy was after this head of intelligence for a while.

Why is Ethiopian political intrigue more interesting than ours?


f*ck we need a border like yesterday imagine a civil war with a 100 million population were talking a crazy invasion of refugees


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Damn, someone wants Abiy dead badly.:damedamn:

Are Amxaaros that mad that an Oromo leads them for the first time?


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Seems like even regional heads aren't immune to assassinations in Ethiopia. Abiy is in big trouble.

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Wariyaha SomaliSpot
Abiy can’t seem to contain Ethiopia. From the get-go he has been mistake prone. The guy released everyone at the time he came to power including a man hell bend on secession for AmharaLand. He is behind this attempted coup.

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Why do you think Lemma magarsa chose the Ministry of defence portfolio?
He could have easily got two large dockets i.e Finance or Foreign relations.

Lemma the sick bastard is behind this they killed the Amhara refiomal president and top military brass in the region who were not Oromo and blamed it on nationalistic Amharas.Just like last time they blamed OLF on bank robberies and used airoplanes to bomb it.

The good thing is thia is not the Somali region where the US and Gaalo do not give a shiit.


These people are at peace with each other and recociled yet their is ethnic clashes every second day?

More than a million people have been displaced by the ethnic clashes, which analysts attribute to multiple causes
Even when you go into addis ababa, u will see tension between them like they don't work together in same office or building, they eat separate restaurants, they live different areas of addis ababa. Dadkasi heeshish been ah bay ku dhisan yihin, dib uu heeshin kama dhicin waa kangaroo state. Anytime their opportunity to cause trouble or political issues arise, you will see similar problems for them forever. Fragile nation they are on the BRINK of a war every day. Marki been been lagu heeshiyo dawlad been been ayaa dhalato i guess. RWANDA SHOULD BE THE MODEL. Only real functioning state build on reconciliation and dad is dhex galo