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Congrats to the Vice PM of Somalia Mahdi Guleed

& Amal Mohamed who works at the Somalia embassy in India.

SL is just a private company bro. I looked at the way they operate, they don't act like a govt. They never talking about roads, drainage, waste collection, energy infrastructure plans, security, sewages to each home. Somalis don't need companies and shops and investment, we have a bustling diaspora and we can secure foreign investment. The problem is lack of infrastructure, lack of clean water in each home, lack of electricity power for factories to start up, lack of drainages on the side ways, lack of sanitation and reliable clean ups of the city, lack of town planning.

Wallahi a government just sets up the environment and city for investment nothing else and I never see Hargeisa improving in any key govt metrics. The only improvement I see is diaspora is returning and investing nothing else wallahi, just buildings are going up, but none of the services are following at all which means there is no service provider or GOVT or it's incompetent and not doing it's job. Plus I heard economically the market is terrible and locals are leaving to Mogadishu and Garowe and Bosaso for work opportunities, this is bad indicator of your GDP when people no longer stay at home it means they're is no opportunities.


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
What clan is she?

I heard Kheyre got married to a 19 year old lander. Walahi no joke lol