Concerned for 12-15 year old kids being brainwashed

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The OP is correct, if you're not the person that sets the narratives by shaping his values, beliefs and character then the poisoned wider society will do that job for you to devastating effects.

When these scientific materialist, anti-humanists, irrationalists, satanists, closet white supremacists get a hold off him, it's game over, he will inadvertently serve his oppressors, argue in favour of them against his own

He will suffer from intense self-hatred and even take up their religious beliefs as you can see with many of the sspot users on here, indoctrination is a powerful thing and humans in general are screwed once this happens.
Agreed. You have to talk to your siblings/relatives and influence them positively. Teach them about Islamic and African history etc etc. I've done that over the years with my younger relatives and walahi, its made a huge difference in their sense of self and pride.


Cultural revolution
But on a serious note though. This site have affected me in some ways:meleshame:

Yeah but don't worry It's just the hive mind. I fell into it too back in the day but I grew out of that mindset. It took a while tho. You're still very young and probably know what's right and wrong so don't worry about it. If you find yourself in the same position like 5 years from now then you're screwed lol

But in those 5 years do whatever you like and make all your mistakes then learn from them. My 5 years have been a blast
2012-14 edgy high schooler trying way too hard to impress others
2015-early 2017 Still edgy anti-sjw xalimos vs Farax herd mentality late teen.
Last 6 months = revelation that I am not special and just another spec of dust that no more that 20 people truly care about in the world. So I changed completely from top to bottom.

Shit. I'm writing too much calaacal. :mugshotman: My point is just don't think too much about it enjoy being 15 it sure as hell won't last very long


I'm actually 15:manny:
Awwwwwww you're so cute :yloezpe::yloezpe::it0tdo8:
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