Chinese illegal mining is polluting Ghana's water!

Mr Sufi


When will African leaders step up and stop allowing the indho yars to exploit their resources :mjcry:
It's over these african leaders are greedy bastards all they care about is making money with back deals and building mansions while their country men starve/

even the white House can't compare to what some these african leaders have built for their residential homes


hmm hei
when I was a kid our family used to travel between bosaso and sanaag and one day I saw some cadaan guys with big trucks going pass us they were going near bosaso and sanaag mountains, I didn't think something of it but I think 100% the same thing is going on in Somalia whether it be Indhoyar or cadaan

greyhound stone

The Boss💎
You're such a coon :hova: You're not gonna defend you african brothers and sisters against the bloodsucking Chinese?:susp:
Sxb I don't love neither. But if you have no dhiig I'll never feel sorry for you. Difference between somali men and bantus them niggas so submissive to ther oppressor wallahi. Geeljires are fearless and straight warriors. Can't say the same for "strong" bantus. We just aren't the same :ohhhdamn: :lolbron::mjlol::umad::drakelaugh: