Cheeseman is MAD

:pachah1: Politics Sxb just Politics, but then again you being an qaxooti simpleton i doubt very much you'll understand that concept..

If an Og like Abdi Iley can kill and rape 100000 of his qaxooti kins like nothing happened then im sure i too can deviate negatively at certain turns.
Abdi iley was tigre :holeup:
:wtf: subhana'Allah, your the 10th Ogaden today to step up to me, war sxbyaal I'm not Siade Barre here donating limitless Caano booro, I already ran out of my Caano booro with the 5th starved Ogaden Qaxooti I helped today.

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You Ogaden guys are like the Eelays Pan-handlers beggars but 100X worse in scale:snoop:
Adoon Boon we all know what you are kkk. You are known for terrorism,slavery,Qarax and Anarchy

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