Ceebta ree Columbus


The revolution will not be televised 📺
It was a one time thing I've never seen something like that before happen, they must've seen the blm riots and took inspiration


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
U know what is funny? Walaaahi i am cracking up. Even the Arabs standing behind not joining the fight knows Somalis throw weak ineffectual punches. Both boys and girls. The idiot who got slapped even was going after farahs and ignoring Xaliimos, as he should to his credit. These arabs truly think we are slaves who should be petted like pets. None of the standing arabs joined in to fight, they all see the mob as a harmless nuisance. There is a love/hate thing between arabs and somalis loool

I’m assuming the men told them to stop but Somali women are very stubborn
A man that can't control his Woman is not a man. If I tell my wife to stand down she must. I will go handle it and say to the fat Arab: If "I hear a single word from you again, watch what happens to you" and go to work.

Problem sorted.


Cirka Gacan Saarte 💪🏾🇸🇴
Look them youngins swinging and kicking like a hooyo who just found out shes a new ayeeyo smh. He wouldn't even dare square up with us if he was anywhere near my kind

Desert Flower

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LOOOL. I wish we had the same energy for building our OWN businesses! Columbus has a huge Somali population. The money would then be generated within our communities.

Why do I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone?

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