Cardi B post somali girls on her IG

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
:bell:I had to google Cardi B and this is the image I got.

So those hijabis are basically looking up to these illuminati wh*re?

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
No offence, but how old are you? It's just I don't even follow her & know Cardi's relevant right now with young people:ohno:
You are just another stupid Halimo that is all. No self respecting human being should even know they exist.


Steel Magnolia
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I have a confession. I'm a fairy Godmother. And for a fee, I can restore all Xalimos to the beauty, grace, and elegance of "1976".

Will your payment(s) be in cash, credit or blood? :fredo:
Majority of Somalis are dark skinned. A lot of the light skinned girls you see on social media are bleaching their skin. Somalis tend to have a yellow complexion when they're light skinned, not white or olive like bleached girls who wear light make up.


Not your typical Farah
How did this Cardi B retard get her song "Bodak Yellow" at the top of the Billboard chart?

How can anyone listen to this?
But seriously niyada laga jaba in the uk misee?? whenever i see a picture why is everyone dressed like their homeless, you don't have to care about fashion but it looks like people throw on any rags aye arkaan :gucciwhat: