Canceling SSPOT edition

@Beyondover for being generally annoying and for attacking people. You have an obsession with Medulla. Why is every post you’ve made today about him? It’s not funny or cute. And if you’re crushing on him, slide in his DMs. Be straightforward and stop playing games. Medulla has suitors lined up. Get to the back of the line

:ohlord: :trash:
To maintain peace on this forum, I will unfortunately not snitch.

@CaliTedesse is the only other dutch nigga I know on this forum ,we need to be able to have our secret convo's
so you guys are speaking dutch, thats all I needed. good job sxb

the money will be in your account by next week. :yousmart:

and thank again for your service.:samwelcome:


Some rookies are going to be cancelled
look at the oldies whining about the newcomers, they even urge about cancellation despite that notion not in their existing hands but if they were to petition I bet the majority would want some users permanently banned

Some even believe by doing so they'll revive their nostalgia days of SSPOT their so called glory lol
Hence the scenario is equivalent to immigrants flocking to Europe and the native inhabitants are fed up with the nonstop flowing droves of third world the same can be said about some pirates hijacking shitposting derailing threads for plat

Lets just hope it's only weirdos they're after
However there optimism that there are decent people among them but to find them is like finding a needle in a haystack
cancelling is not a viable alternative however but merely a matter of suggestion