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NSFW Cameroon soldiers execute woman and her child(WARNING GRAPHIC)


Cameroon isn’t a quagmire it’s jahilnimo at its finest.
These people don’t value clan, religion or tribe.

The french and British have mentally qarbashed these people for centuries during the slave trade. Nothing unifies them, only division and mutual destruction.

How can you fight over which daddy took away your language, culture and way of life? And then impose that on the other by gun?

When the Portuguese came to east Africa and met the Somalis, they actually thought they could copy and paste the same self hate on to us, but what they didn’t expect what was to see a skinny geeljire already trading Bantus.
So Somalis don’t fight over clans either :rolleyes:

You learn something new everyday here @Steamdevolopment


Look at the kind of responses these users have to a video of this nature. You’re all sick in the head tbh.