Brotherly relation between Puntland and Galmudug continues to grow

Qof walba waxa uu mudan yahay dadkiisa og
Halkaan waa garoonka kubada cagta ee cawaale ee Waqooyiga galkacyo waxaa lugu xusay Halyeeyo Naftooda uhurey Amniga iyo horumarka Gobalka mudug waxaana kamid ah Gen Qooje dagaari taliyihi Qeybta 21 ee ciidamada xooga dalka
Allah ha unaxariisto dhamaan shuhadadii Gobalka mudug




How embarrassing for QoorQoor πŸ˜‚. Where the f*ck is this guy while Deni takes over security operations in Galmudug? Wallahi this guys the most useless President in the country.

Props to Deni of course. Galmudug and Puntland relations have massively improved under his reign. He’s showing Presidential credentials for sure
bidenkulaha are situation is not the best. 4 years of Farmajoo genocide but we still standing. I think we are lucky to have a neaighbour such as Puntland that is open minded. They refused to join Farmajoo's genocide against us. They said to him we don't want to kill HG. These people are our neighbours.

Farmajoo spent millions and four years trying to destroy us and Galmudug. Sending waves upon waves of Al-shabab. We should be proud of our achievement that we are standing tall despite this attempted genocide by Farmajoo.

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